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Whether you are a parent, graduate, jobseeker, student or anyone else, this website will help you towards achieving your goals in life. Here you will find a vast array of tips, lessons, books and online testing resources to help you practice and pass :

  • Online numerical tests set as part of a job/graduate job application process and advanced numerical tests given to graduates during graduate job assessment centres
  • Online 11-plus exam practice to ensure your child has the best chance of gaining a place in a prestigious sought after school
  • GCSE mathematics practice tests to ensure you gain the highest grades in your GCSE mathematics exams (which will remain with you for life!)
  • Key stage 2 online practice tests (Levels 3-5 and Level 6) to ensure your child passes the SATs exam with high grades.


Numerical reasoning tests are widespread in today’s education and recruitment sector. The main reason for this is because many jobs and careers require an ability to work competently with numbers. Take a retail checkout assistant for example; he or she will work with money and numbers all day long. If they are not competent in the use of numbers, they can’t perform their job adequately. That is the very reason why so many employers will want to see evidence of mathematical qualifications, or at the very least, require you to pass some form of numerical test or assessment.

The reason I set up this website was to help people like you to prepare for any type of numerical reasoning test. Before I tell you more about how I can help you to pass your test, let’s take a look at a number of important strategies and tips that will help you prepare for any numerical test, 11-plus test or GCSE mathematics assessment.


As the saying goes, practice makes perfect; however, what is even more important is that you learn how the answers are reached. When I teach my students during one-to-one tuition I always focus on developing their ability in how we arrive at the answer. Whilst this takes a little longer to accomplish, they soon reap the benefit and begin to answer questions faster and more competently. The only way that you will be proficient in numerical reasoning is by instilling discipline into your practice routine. Yes, it is important to carry out lots of sample tests, but what is more important is understanding how the answers are reached.


Practice is essential to your success!Practising under timed conditions is absolutely crucial to your development. Most people will practise numerical reasoning tests without any restrictions on time. One of the main reasons people fail their test is because they panic when any form of time restriction is introduced. I see it time and time again; test-takers get a mental blank when the pressure of passing their test hits.

If you practice with a time restriction from the offset them your mind and your mental competence will become used to the environment and it won’t be an issue. The books that I have created at the bottom of this webpage will provide you with detailed timed tests which are designed to help you drastically improve your scores. Practising numerical tests under timed conditions should always be part of your pre-test preparation plan. My advice is to make sure you turn up for your test or examination having carried out lots of practise under timed conditions.


The use of calculators during any form of numerical test has always been up for debate. Some people believe they should not be use, whilst other believe they are essential. My view is this – if we are going to live in an age where electronic devices are the norm then we need to make effective use of these and embrace the benefits they bring. How many of us have iPhones, iPads and other devices which make calculating numbers far easier?

I would say the vast majority of the population has instant access to this type of device; therefore, why not use them! If you are permitted to use a calculator when taking your test it is absolutely vital that you understand how to use the calculator before your test day. It sounds obvious, but I see time and time again people attending a test and then trying to quickly learn how to use the calculator that is provided at the test centre before the test commences. Take steps to find out before your test day whether or not you can use a calculator, and if you can, always take your own!


I can remember studying for my GCSE, A-level and Masters Degree in mathematics and specifically thinking to myself that there were not that many useful resources and books available that explain exactly how to pass the exams. After completing my studies I made a promise to myself that I would create both books and online testing resources to help people prepare fully for any type of numerical test or examination.

True to my word, that is what I did. Below, you will find my latest 3 books that I have personally written on how to pass GCSE mathematics, standard numerical reasoning tests and also advanced numerical tests. I have put in plenty of effort to create books that you will find extremely effective in your preparations in addition to online numerical reasoning tests to help students prepare and pass their numerical exams. Feel free to browse around my website and even try some FREE numerical reasoning practice tests – simply click the links in the left hand menu to access the FREE numerical reasoning tests.


GCSE Mathematics by David Isaacs





This comprehensive 300 page workbook is packed full of sample test questions, tips and advice on how to pass GCSE mathematics. The book is perfect for anyone who wants to achieve high grades during their GCSE maths test.

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Numerical Reasoning Tests by David Isaacs





My 170-page numerical reasoning tests book is designed for anyone who is required to sit a job or career selection process which requires the candidate to pass a numerical test. This book, in my opinion, is the flagship of numerical tests book; you simply won’t find a better alternative!

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Advanced Numerical Reasoning Tests by David Isaacs





This book has been designed specifically with the advanced test-taker in mind. There are 170 pages of advanced numerical test, each with detailed answers to the questions.

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