11+ exam preparation

Preparing for 11+ Exams

Passing 11+ exams is usually a major concern for parents. Being the final exam administered at the primary school level, many parents are always willing to do what it takes to ensure that their children pass this exam with flying colours and get admission into top prestigious schools. The name 11+ is derived from the age group 11-12 years, which traditionally marks the beginning of secondary school for many students. These exams were initially administered across England and Wales but have in the present times become limited to some counties and boroughs.

With the coming of technology, online tests have become a common scenario especially for students preparing for these exams. 11+ tests are meant to test students’ capability to apply verbal reasoning as well as non verbal reasoning skills to improve their ability to handle and apply this knowledge in various life situations. For the mathematical part of the exam, questions on numerical reasoning are included to test how good students are with figures.

Several advantages are associated with online tests. First and foremost, these tests provide students with continuous assessment, which is important as it enables easy identification of problem areas as well as gives clear patterns on individual performance and consistency.

Using these tests, there is reduced administration since all the procedures for administering the tests are carried out online. This, in turn, increases the level of flexibility making them very popular these days. The convenience associated with these tests is quite appealing. Furthermore, online evaluations on verbal reasoning and other modules can be taken from anywhere.

Students taking online tests benefit a great deal because results are always automatic and on several occasions relayed on an instant basis. This provides a perfect platform for practice as students can keep repeating online tests until they are completely confident to tackle the real exam.

There are numerous opportunities and benefits for students who decide to revise online and sharpen their skills before tackling 11+ exams. After all, the main intention should be to score as highly as possible.

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