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Advanced Numerical Reasoning Tests

With hundreds, if not thousands of applicants per job, in particular graduate type roles, numerical reasoning tests are used by employers to  sift out the weakest candidates and retain the best candidates until the very end of the application process which is usually an assessment centre.

Numerical reasoning tests are designed to test your ability to interpret and analyse data from tables, charts and figures. Most importantly it allows the employer to see how well you perform when placed under time pressure. It is important that you familiarise yourself with such questions before taking the real exam in order to pass the test with flying colours . To help you do this I have created an Online Advanced Numerical Reasoning Testing Suite that will provide you with 100′s of sample test questions!

Below are several key pointers and tips to get you prepared:

  • Ensure that you are confident with carrying out basic mathematical tasks such as multiplication, percentages, ratios, fractions, addition, subtraction, division and averages (mean). This is the first basic step you should take towards succeeding in numerical reasoning tests.
  • Numerical Reasoning Tests aimed at Graduate level candidates tend to include all of the above mathematical processes but are a lot more involved in terms of data interpretation and analysis i.e. the graphs are harder to interpret and analyse which means thorough practice is required by graduates seeking a graduate job.
  • Understand how to calculate a percentage increase and a percentage decrease

% increase  = (highest number−lowest number) ÷ (lowest number)

% decrease = (highest number−lowest number) ÷ (highest number)

  • Aim to get as much practice as possible. This will enable you to become familiar with the structure of the tests and will prevent errors in the exam in addition to boosting confidence.
  • Make sure you are confident using your own calculator. Time in a numerical reasoning exam is tight. You need to work quickly and knowing your calculator will allow you to use it faster and more effectively.
  • Work as quickly and accurately as possible. This is something that can be improved through practice.
  • Assess the type of person your employer is looking for. If they want someone who is 100% accurate but not too worried how long it takes to get the job done then aim to be as accurate in the test as you possibly can without worring about reaching the end of the test. However, if your employer is looking for someone who can work quickly and accurately simultaneously then aim to do both!
  • Do not guess answers. Employers can view your accuracy and some tests even have software to detect candidates that are guessing! Guessing answers will lead to a low accuracy score and also indicate to the employer that any numerical and data interpretation work you would potentially carry out for the company were you to be successful with your application would be low in accuracy i.e. prone to errors. This would not reflect well on you whilst you are aiming to beat other candidates to the job!

Graduates practising numerical reasoning tests

Before the test

  • Ensure you get a good night’s sleep.
  • Make sure you have practised as much as required. It is important that you feel confident when taking the test.
  • Make sure you’re comfortable at your desk. Adjust the room temperature and lighting accordingly and ensure that the area you are taking the test is free from background noise.

During the test

  • Give yourself a time limit per question. For example if there are 10 questions in the test and you have 10 minutes to complete the test give yourself a minute per question.
  • If you do not know an answer, leave it blank rather than guess. That way you will not be seen as a risk taker by employers. In fact some tests have software that can detect when you are guessing answers and this will be passed on to the employer – so don’t guess!
  • Use information given from the question only and do not use information that you may know which you read about in the local newspaper for example. The answer will be based on information from the question only.

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 Advanced Numerical Tests Suite

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